Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Powerful business intelligence solutions - Visualize any data on the web and the desktop

Kyros Technologies can help you extract key insights from your data, whatever form it may be in. You can now implement a solid business intelligence solution that will provide clear business insight on almost any budget.

Enterprise Ready Beautiful dashboards

Kyros Technologies is widely acknowledged as a global leader in user interface design. Our interface design enable users to show key performance indicators in a beautiful visual display complete with rich digital and analog gauges. Multiple tiles of information can be managed interactively to display information without overwhelming users

Direct access to cubes

Our solution framework includes a great ad-hoc analysis tool that can be easily bound to any OLAP database. Users can intuitively drag measures and dimensions into horizontal or vertical axes to pivot data as desired.

Any backend of your choice

Our BI solutions work with any platform. Use SQL Server, Oracle, ActivePivot, Mondrian, or almost any other back end of your choice. We also offer our own back end for in-memory multi-dimensional analysis

Predict the future

Perform powerful predictive analysis with your data. Segment your customers, compute advanced product recommendations, create regressions models, and much more. Deploy predictive analysis solutions that can handle ultra-fast response times on any platform.

Tame Big Data

Want to handle millions of pieces of data in structured and unstructured format? Hadoop is your solution. We can handle everything including the configuration of cloud-based servers. Integrate Hadoop with your data warehouse and deliver results that were not otherwise possible.

Deploy to the web or desktops

Deploy your business intelligence solutions on your preferred platform. Prefer to deploy as an HTML 5 web client? Not a problem. Deploying as a rich Windows desktop client? Again, not a problem. We have solution frameworks available for both rich and thin clients.

Mobility is included

Deploy your BI solution to any mobile platform using our exclusive Orubase platform. Orubase allows you to write once and deploy to the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. Kyros Technologies also offers powerful solutions for Windows 8 tablet devices.

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