Let’s get started with  enterprise solutions

The knowledge and experience we have gained as a result has enabled our consultants to develop their own methodology for successfully delivering projects. When combined with the crème of industry best practice, we believe we have an approach that can consistently deliver truly world class results.

Our way of doing things

Keeping your project continuously on track through a structured engagement, Kinetica is also underpinned by the following:


Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean creating the next big social network or developing a spaceship to send people to another galaxy. Innovation can be as simple as solving a complex problem with a simple solution.


In a complex world, sometimes we need to bring things back to their core components and find ways of being practical when overcoming hurdles. You’ll never find us designing a fast sports car if a four door sedan will get you there.


User experience is always the end point of the solution and represents far more than just a facelift. We truly believe in designing solutions that users will love and use. That’s how to get the return on investment.

Our delivery model

The  delivery model splits projects into six distinct phases. Individually these phases focus on distinct goals and deliverables. When combined, they are our way of achieving project excellence

We believe that by closely engaging with employees and stakeholders we can better understand your requirements and goals.
Our expert consultants use a wide number of techniques to elicit and document project requirements. We strongly believe a successful analysis phase is the only way to ensure a successful project.
The methodology puts heavy emphasis on interactive prototypes and wireframes, developed early in the project lifecycle, to help hone and develop any solution design.
Kyros uses qualified developers to ensure that any custom code is written to exacting standards using the latest development frameworks.
Successful deployment, to test and production environments, is key for any project. The methodology uses best practice techniques to ensure consistent, successful deployments throughout the project lifecycle.
At Kyros a project doesn’t finish when we hand over the completed system. We build in a phase of post delivery activities to help ensure high levels of user adoption and the right long term governance.