Azure Apps

The Cloud is for standard Applications and their data – Wrong. Companies with systems like ours can’t benefit that much from the Cloud – Wrong.

Microsoft Windows Azure Apps provide huge scope for developing customized Cloud applications running on the ubiquitous Windows platform for organizations just like yours. Azure has been developed to give business all the benefits of the Cloud on a foundation that they are familiar with and confident in, Microsoft Windows.

The benefits of Cloud operation, such as linear scalability, high availability, robustness of service and integrity of data can be obtained even with custom applications. You no longer have to run on-premise infrastructure to support customized Windows Applications. Migrate existing applications to the new platform to unlock benefits, or build that new system on the Azure platform to future proof its foundation

Embracing Windows Azure Opportunities with kyros

kyros have been providing clients with comprehensive advice and development services for the Windows Azure platform since its inception. Combined with the development tools and methodologies crossing over from the thousands of hours of on-premise application development undertaken by our in-house teams means that we have an enviable reputation in this area. By working with you closely, according to our proven  methodology, we can be assured that together we can deliver success. We understand that good technical solutions for business need a head for business as well as a head for technology.

Windows Azure Apps can open up many possibilities for your organization. You may already know what you want to achieve and just require the team to work with you to deliver it. It may be that you want to start from a strategic review of what is possible. Whatever your position why not start a conversation today with the Kyros team local to your office you’ll be surprised with how quickly we can help you get things moving towards success.

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