Big Data Processing

Today’s data processing systems require batch and real-time processing capabilities to effectively support a business. Newer technology and tools are available but most businesses are unsure of which exactly to use. Distributed processing systems like Hadoop can perform large-scale batch processing on huge volumes of data but may not be suitable for real-time analytics due to performance lags. Our Big Data services are focused on providing a wholesome solution to business problems using the right set of tools.

Big Data Services

We build scalable systems that can Store, Process, Visualize, and Predict in near real-time.

We can

  • Port data from relational databases onto NoSQL systems using Sqoop, Pentaho
  • Build efficient read-write in-memory solutions
  • Create visualizations of data stored on relational or non-relational systems using tools such as Pentaho and Tableau
  • Perform social media sentiment analysis

Processing in Real-time

Lambda Architecture

This a layered approach to achieve near real-time view on an entire dataset. This is not a solution in itself. At Kyros, we essentially map the requirements to the right set of tools to come up with an optimal data processing system.

In-memory solutions for real-time insights

Speed of knowledge delivery can make a huge difference in business decisions. We build read-write in-memory solutions using databases such as Redis, HSQLDB to ensure low latency where required. Distributed memory caching can be implemented in cases where information retrieval alone needs to be speeded up.

Tell us about the data processing problem you now face. We will weigh the options, build some POCs, and give you the most suited solution

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