Data Visualization

Wondering how to make sense of your data discoveries?

Humanize it with visual representations.

Data visualization is a powerful way to simplify the complexity of analysis – whether you are measuring past performance or extracting insights to drive future product and operational decisions.

Visualization Tools

We use industry standard and leading data visualization tools to generate multiple types of charts, graphs, and reports on the analyzed data.

  • Tableau
  • Pentaho
  • Highcharts, Leaflet, Ext JS & D3

See, Understand, Share

Tools, such as Tableau, can display results combining data from different sources. These representations make it easier to recognize patterns, trends, and outliers facilitating further querying and exploration of the data. Collaboration capabilities ensure people at all levels of the organization can access and derive value from the data.


Work with Kyros on your next  data visualization project

Our data visualization service is based on experience and skill. We have a proven methodology for delivering results for each and every client. Starting with the current and predicted future user needs and the degree to which autonomous data analysis can be undertaken by different user groups. By combining our understanding of enterprise applications and data sources and our ability to deliver rich user experience across multiple devices. We can build data visualization including dashboards and score cards that will help you make sense of your data and use it to gain competitive advantage.

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