Business Value From SharePoint Extranet Portals.

So much of the interaction with customers, suppliers and other partners is mundane and functional. Automation of this will leave employees with more time to focus on activities that deliver value for your organization and its partners. Continuing with out-of-date manual processes creates structural waste within an organization as staff are busy with non-value creating activities.

By using technology to change processes human resources can be more effectively redistributed while increasing customer service and business value. Extranets can harness the resources of your partners by their staff using self-service online processes as a replacement for your own staff’s manual processes.

SharePoint 2013 – The Leading Extranet Technology Foundation

SharePoint was built for collaboration and your extranet is a collaboration between you and your organization‘s partners. SharePoint’s powerful tools for delivering efficient processes through workflows allow the self-service reality you need to be delivered. With SharePoint’s integration with existing systems and knowledge, such as CRM you can deliver your extranet functionality without wasteful duplication of data and systems. Security can be assured through flexible and controllable access models and identity and user management that can incorporate 2-factor authentication if required.
With easy to use, yet powerful tools for administration, content and document management you can deliver efficiencies to the business without creating resource difficulties elsewhere.

Creating improved processes and information flows between your organization and its partners benefits all and can dramatically reduce your costs. From customer reordering, to project management with suppliers, to logistics and document exchange, taking manual processes out improves accuracy, timeliness, collaboration and when done correctly, customer service.

Engineer your Extranet with Kyros Experts

Evolving your current extranet or developing one from scratch gives your organization a range of opportunities to exploit. We can help you uncover and then prioritize these opportunities and then work to develop the technical plan around the business goals and objectives. Working through our proven Kinetica engagement methodology we can be confident in applying our depth of experience and knowledge to your specific requirements and deliver an extranet that delivers business results.

Kyros have the skills and expertise to help you deliver an extranet experience that that will provide efficiencies for both you and your customers and stakeholders. We can even let your key stakeholders test drive the latest Microsoft enterprise technology through our Customer Immersion Experience. By combining rigorous technical consulting and user-centered design, BrightStarr solutions achieve maximum user adoption and ensure your brand is represented the way it should be. Why not contact the Kyros office near you today so that we can start the conversation about your extranet requirements and what your business needs to achieve.

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