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ServiceNow VM

Manual Virtual Machine requests in Cisco cloud centre is automated through ServiceNow Service catalog. Integration of Service Now with Cisco Cloud Centre to automate the process of Virtual Machine tenant creations and record the VM information in ServiceNow CMDB.

Challenges addressed:

  • Virtualization
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Service Management
  • Security Control

Design: ServiceNow & Cisco Cloud Centre

Client Location: United States

Domain: Information Technology

ServiceNow CMS Integration

Synchronizing SharePoint with ServiceNow on New Products launch and distribution in various shops. Created a connector to create a bridge between the Sharepoint and ServiceNow which is used in Product releases and Events.


  • SharePoint Event mapping compatibility
  • Integration using SOAP API
  • Dynamic Event synchronization through Import Set

Design: ServiceNow & SharePoint 2013

Client Location: United States

Domain: Information Technology

Dealer CRM

Developed a Web application CRM for tracking the Services of Car Service Dealers. The CRM shows the Dashboard with the status of car services at the car center.

Challenges addressed:

● Manage all Service Requests from a single platform
● Integrate with IoT
● Device Tracking System Maintenance
● Approval Engine

Design: Angular, BootStrap, Asp.Net, MySQL, Microsoft Azure.

Client Location: Dubai & India

Effortlessly Manage Your Social Accounts

Developed a Social Media Management System to access and manage multiple Social Media accounts from various types of providers all in one place. Unlimited Schedules, RSS feed, Analytics, Email Aggregation and Team Role.

Challenges addressed:

● Manage all Social media accounts from a single platform
● Integrate with multiple Social media platform
● Cross platform Content scheduling and Publishing
● Dynamic Feeds from third party New & Media platforms

Design: BootStrap, HTML, Dot Net, HD Insights

Client Location: India

Domain: Information Technology

Sky Sales App

Leading Airline company goes for food ordering and sales management app inside the flight with Mobile solutions. The app gives an up to date data about the food items stock and ordering at any point of time.

Challenges addressed:

  • Food Ordering
  • Stock Management
  • Dashboard

Design: Android Studio, J Unit, Mockito, Microsoft Azure

Client Location: UAE

Domain: Airline Industry

Milesmate IoT App

Developed a Android & iOS Mobile App to find and raise incidents & service requests with the nearby Car Service centers based on the OBD Device Connection. The Car behaviours & Driving behaviour is Identified Such as Over Speed, Long Idle, High Rpm, Coolen Temperature, Moving Status, Sudden Break, Rapid Acceleration etc,..

Challenges addressed:

● Manage all Service Requests from a single platform
● Service Tracking
● Handling multiple requests and dealer CRM sync
● Approval Engine

Anti-Theft alarm can be kept  using the OBD device. If the car is taken after the mentioned timings, alarm will be  active.

Design: Android Studio, J Unit, Mockito, Microsoft Azure, Xcode, Objective C, Swift, OBD Device

Client Location: Dubai & India

Domain: AutoTech Industry

ServiceNow RM Implementation

Customized the Release Management module based on Customer’s requirement. Using ServiceNow components like Business Rule, Workflow, Script Includes, UI Actions & UI Pages, implemented the Module with Change Management timeline synchronization. Involved in Pro Support of the entire ServiceNow applications.


  • Event Management
  • Release Management
  • Improve performance
  • Data Inconsistency

Design: ServiceNow

Client Location: United States

Domain: Retail Industry

SharePoint Migration

Customer was using 40+ legacy applications in.Net and SharePoint 2007 & 2010 versions. Planned to segregate and move applications to SharePoint 2013 by phase by phase. Migration benefited the customer to run the applications with reduced cost and data consolidation. Transitioned and implemented large SharePoint deployments without disrupting the business.


There are many limitations in SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 which has been covered by SharePoint 2013,and the migration was a complex process since the coding had to be revised.


  • Upgraded performance
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Security Management
  • Uninterrupted work

Industries Covered : Marine Engineering
Region: APAC
Technologies Used: Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010/2013

Product Regulation App

Developed an Android & iOS Mobile App which is used to know the Product information and comparing the data with the Regulatory standards. We can scan the products and simultaneously raise product issues extended to Supply chain process.

Challenges addressed:

  • Reactive maintenance
  • Product Scanning
  • Laws & Regulations
  • News & Events
  • Notification

Design: Android Studio, J Unit, Mockito, Microsoft Azure, Xcode, Objective C, Swift.

Client Location: Dubai

Domain: Regulatory Body

SmartAgri App

Agriculture industry can search and check the Crop cultivations, Soil analysis based on the location.


Product Scanning,
Laws & Regulations,
News & Events,

Technologies Used:

  • Android Studio
  • J Unit
  • Mockito
  • Microsoft Azure

Client Location: India

Domain: Agriculture Industry

Facility Services App

Developed a Android Mobile App to track the Cleaning and repair works done by the Workers. Public work tracking is a high challenge and always faces issues with Project completion. Based on the categorization, road levels and workers mapping, our mobile app addressed the major challenges.

Challenges addressed:

  • Job Tracking
  • Timestamp capture
  • Notifications

Design: Android Studio, J Unit, Mockito, Microsoft Azure.

Client Location: India

Domain: Service Industry