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Embracing Technology for Enhanced Customer Experience   The customer experience is evolving rapidly with the integration of technology. This blog will explore the impact of digital innovation on customer interactions and satisfaction. Digital Transformation in Customer Service: Embracing digital transformation can streamline processes,

Kyros FSM Inventory Management provides you with 100% visibility into your spare part inventory levels and field locations, including multi-bin stock maintenance and serial number traceability.  You will also have full access to shipping and receiving, inventory and logistics, part

Kyros FSM Dashboard shows widgets with live data on the following Today’s/ Week/ Month Jobs Invoices by Status/Month Quotations by Status/Month All jobs/Open Jobs/Late Jobs/ Completed Jobs Jobs by Customer/Sites Jobs by Status

Invoice status can be updated and tracked based on the status buttons. Invoice can be downloaded as PDF file with the pre defined template which gathers basic profile and configuration setup. Invoices can be auto generated in PDF format. Same can be

Map view gives live tracking information on technician and jobs. This feature helps in Job tracking & easy multi job allocation. Technician based Job list gives brief information on each and every job along with the location tracking. Satellite view is also

Kyros FSM Job management enables clients on coordinating field operations through a mobile workforce. At a basic level, this entails scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, and tracking vehicle locations and job status. It helps automate these jobs and provide mobile access

Scheduling Calendar is a drag and drop option available for scheduling jobs which is yet to be scheduled. Jobs can be scheduled directly from To schedule module or using Scheduling Calendar. Here, we can see the technicians along with availability & list