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Give your business the ServiceNow Advantage!


ServiceNow is among the most popular service management platforms that are being harnessed to create customized solutions to help businesses. ServiceNow is a workflow management platform that lends itself to easily creating a service model that aids in handling daily operations as well as special service issues. Users across industries can benefit from the ServiceNow advantage. Irrespective of organization size, the platform can be customized and appropriate functionalities can be included. With automated processes, reduced costs, and enhanced efficiencies, businesses would benefit from ServiceNow applications.


Key Features of ServiceNow for Businesses·


Applications can be built with low code


  • Legacy processes can be modernized
  • Enterprise-wide Workflow automation can be carried out
  • Flexibility and security that is suitable for large organizations.
  • Multi-instance architecture that enables maintenance of separate resource stacks for individual users
  • User-friendly workflows that enable easier tracking of tasks and their automation.


How organizations can benefit from ServiceNow Management Tools


The open architecture offers a robust platform that requires minimal configurations. Since it is cloud-based, organizations need not invest in additional infrastructure. Businesses can glean valuable metrics by analyzing the data. The ServiceNow development environment provides employees and customers with an effective communication channel resulting in better interactions and cross-departmental workflows. Users need not have coding experience to use these automated workflows that are also available as mobile applications.


  1. ITSM (IT Service Management) is among the primary functions of the platform. ITSM encompasses cost management and incident management as well.
  2. The CSM (Customer Service Management) from ServiceNow facilitates the address of customer issues. The robust service model provides a consumer-focused service experience by replacing manual processes with powerful and flexible applications. These apps can be either deployed across the organization or to specific departments.
  3. In a production facility, the workflows are automated. This helps streamline operations by avoiding repetitive tasks and speeding up incident resolution. ServiceNow aids in the creation of efficient field service management applications. Since it is cloud-based, communication and collaboration happen in real-time.
  4. Service portals can keep track of user behaviours to improve their performance. Machine Learning modules and experience measurement techniques can be harnessed to collect data regarding a digital experience, be it a click, mouse, and eyeball movement, or drop-offs.
  5. Several HR functions can be aided by automating repetitive manual tasks.
  6. The dashboard is role-based thereby easing the establishment of authorization levels. The GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) function offers monitoring and security options. The ServiceNow platform serves to identify and respond quickly to security incidents.


ServiceNow across Businesses


Netflix uses ServiceNow to manage some critical functions, ranging from automated inventory management and asset tracking to enhancing the employee experience. Netflix has been able to achieve a nearly 30% increase in operational efficiency.


Educational institutions can deploy ServiceNow to connect staff, students, and various departments and facilities for a seamless teaching and learning environment.


  • Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions can provide their customer with an enhanced experience.
  • The healthcare sector can benefit from integrated systems and teams, as well as streamlined operations and processes.
  • Government bodies can harness the benefits of ServiceNow to improve their operational efficiency.
  • ServiceNow can automate several vital operations in the oil and gas sectors and utilities.


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