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Benefits of FSM Mobile App

Companies are using mobile computing to improve communication with the field, increase productivity, streamline work processes, and enhance customer service and loyalty. Field service software can be used for scheduling and routing optimization, automated vehicle location, remote vehicle diagnostics, driver logs and hours-of-service tracking, inventory management, field worker management and driver safety. Mobile software may use databases containing details about customer-premises equipment, access requirements, and parts inventory. Some field service management software integrates with other software such as accounting programs.

Mobility can

• Provide real-time analysis of mobile work status
• Increase first-time-fix rate
• Reduce overhead or administration costs of paper-based field service management and data entry
• Preserve e-audit trail for full regulatory compliance
• Increase productivity
• Shorten billing cycles

The ability to be mobile is key to maximizing performance in field services management. But it’s access to the right data — and the useful insights that can be drawn from the data — that can be a boon to organizations every step along the way. This includes improving and speeding up the resolution process, extending a company’s customer reach, and generally becoming a more lean and productive organization.
Also, the valuable links between onsite and offsite data can really help FSM soar. No field technician is thrilled by limited access to customer service history, parts, repair knowledge, and predictive maintenance data. And customers certainly frown when they realize repairs could be more costly than anticipated.
The best, most useful data leads to faster and more effective field service that encourages far more smiles from both technician and customer.



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