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Why Field Service Automation?

Field Service Automation is finding its way into business software and consumer technology across nearly every industry because it’s just so darn useful. On a system of triggers and actions, field service automation helps businesses get more jobs completed faster because it reduces the need for humans to perform manual actions.


When a technician completes a work order on-site or a customer signs off on a quote, the documentation is sent directly to the appropriate office worker, who can then begin the financial processing.In Field Service Management, Automation is more than just sending the right paperwork to the right hands. We now see more complex automated systems in Kyros field service management solutions that combine technician mapping, mobile work order apps, and automated task management that can move technicians between jobs and assignments at optimized rates throughout the day, rather than relying on human dispatchers to coordinate each task.


Automation in Kyros FSM suite results in faster job scheduling, greater inventory visibility, and faster invoicing.


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